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Anime Title Reversing Game

What do you get after giving a bunch of bored Japanese otaku too much time and some anime titles to play around with? ‘Reversed titles’.

Some of those are obvious, some difficult. Can you guess the original series behind those titles?

1. Go wait in that winter
2. Those guys’
3. Brake World
4. Overall
5. NEET!
6. 枯 -wither-
7. That day we saw no flower but we do know the name
8. All-out homo
9. Heavensing
10. Sheep and Sweetener

Other amusing ones:

  • No Fate/Period
  • Past Diary
  • Code Geass: Lelouch of the Docile
  • Magika Madoka
  • Unlucky Star
  • Resurrecting Devil Dokuro-kun
  • Body Connect
  • Sword Art Offline

I’ll probably update the post with answers at a later time, so take your shot at it in the comments section.

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Philosophers of all times have been wondering what decides a person’s character – how much of it is inborn (what we would now call genetics), how much is decided by upbringing, surrounding circumstances and such. On a smaller scale, anime fans often wonder how a person’s so-called "taste", their personal preferences regarding what they watch, come to be. Personally, I have always thought the more long-term factors were the key here. After all, a mecha fan doesn’t become a moe enthusiast overnight, and while getting somebody to acknowledge the quality of a series from a genre they dislike is often possible, getting them to actually ‘like’ that series is a tall order. This made me think that if somebody’s tastes can change, it has to happen over a longer period of time.

But apparently, I’ve been underestimating how short term circumstances affect what we want to watch. After recently switching from a full vacation lifestyle to an eleven-hour workday, I find myself prioritizing action series (Sword Art Online, Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon) over more artsy or thought inspiring content (Jinrui Suitai, Hyouka, Kokoro Connect). It’s not that my opinion about the series’ relative quality changed that much or anything, I just find myself looking forward to silly sword-swinging more than something that demands I use my brain cells. And it seems I’m not alone in this.

All this makes me think that the main factor behind ‘good entertainment’ is how it fulfills certain needs, rather than any more objective quality. What’s more, anime as a medium can be used to fulfill many different needs because of its varied content, and the priority of those needs can change in the blink of an eye. Almost any series can become a personal favorite if you watch it at ‘just the right moment’, when the message and tone of the show happen to coincide with specific moods and events in our life. Some of those special circumstances can last a day, until you sleep your problem off. Others affect our tastes for much longer periods.

When discussing objectivity, most people mention how no two people can ever see the same thing in exactly the same way. But now I wonder if even the same person can experience something the same way on two different days.           

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We’ve been slowly getting a better idea about the contents of the third season of Hayate no Gotoku, subtitled Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, which will air in the beginning of October.


Basic facts established by the PV, interviews, articles etc.:

  • original story based on names (story sketches) by Hayate author Hata Kenjirou
  • (this is likely what the big surprise Hata mentioned earlier was all about, as drawing all the names would indeed be impossible for him while keeping up regular manga updates)
  • the series is described as containing both love comedy elements and a more serious plotline
  • voice actor cast remains unchanged for main characters
  • studio Manglobe is responsible for the animation (the same studio made the recent Hayate movie)
  • characters confirmed to appear: Nagi, Hayate, Maria, Hinagiku, Ayumu, Chiharu, Ruka, (semi-confirmed: Tama, Klaus)
  • opening by eyelis (some previous works)
  • ending by Ruka’s voice actress
  • aside from singing the ED, Ruka is supposed to play a prominent role in the series

And now, the preview summary of the first episode scheduled to come out on the 3rd of October has been made available:

The single daughter of the Sanzen’in family, Nagi, receives a surprising phone call. It is an invitation of extraterrestrial origin, coming from area 51. Nagi announces she must depart there, but is stopped by her maid Maria and made fun of by her butler, Ayasaki Hayate.

Other than being weird in typical Hayate fashion, the episode summary might hint that the first episode will drive straight into the plot proper, without devoting (an) episode(s) to reestablishing characters and plot points from previous series. Of course, with this being Hayate, everything is still possible.

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