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Watch this and weep, Ashihara Rena.

This is the price you pay for your irresponsible ways!

Bragging after an attack is for the viewer’s convenience, bragging before an attack is for the suspense.

But when fifth-graders let each other assume a shooting position, brag, then execute a perfect long throw, that is no artistic exaggeration. That is an issue of attitude.

On both sides?

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I’m not letting you two… sing your swan songs…

The difference between overpowered and broken is that broken refers to the lack of balance within a system, like trying to defeat your opponent with a suicidal ultimate attack only for the opponent to suck in all your power and make it their own.

Of course, there are brownie points for your opponent doing all that just to protect you, rather than in self-defense.

(And yes, that’s the last song-related day, I promise.)

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index sings

何、この歌?違う!この歌じゃ、私の魔法陣を… やめろ!今、ここで、こんな力を広げては…崩れていく、私の希望が、私の夢が…!

What is this song? No! This song will destroy my spell. Don’t! If you release this power here, it will all fall apart, my hope, my dream!

Honestly, is there something Index’s songs cannot do? So far we had throwing nuns around, neural therapy and now piloting a space station.

Well, it is Iguchi Yuka we are talking about…

By the way, was there not another show this year where Iguchi’s songs went around causing miracles? I wonder…

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そう私たちは… アイドル!

I know we can do it.

That’s right, we are… idols!

No, you are not! The episode before you were angsting all about the cursed fate of a Spirit Warrior…

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And for those to come after me,

I leave a precedent of success!

It is good to start off a year in just the right way. AKB0048 was there to do the honors and blaze a trail for the other series of the year to follow.

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