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Mangaka Akamatsu Ken has been preparing his new serialization for some time now, and it turns out his newest project will be strongly related to his previous manga – Negima.

The manga is described as a near-future battle fantasy and bears the title
UQ Holder! Pronounced in Japanese, UQ gives us Yuu-Kyuu (悠久), or eternity, making Holder of Eternity! an alternative English title.

True to the title, the story begins with a greeting from Negima’s resident shinsou vampire Evangeline A.K. McDowell, who describes the manga to come as a story of those who achieved the troublesome state called immortality. 

While many fans question the reason for the sudden ending of the Negima manga considering this quasi-continuation, I am looking forward to Akamatsu’s newest offering. What direction will the manga take? Will UQ Holder! answer some of the questions left from its predecessor? I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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This will become the world's most powerful army...

Mahou Sensei Negima, the epic battle manga (sometimes dressing up us a love comedy) written by Love Hina author Akamatsu Ken has recently finished it’s nine-year-long run. The series got two separate anime series and a movie… but all of those have little to do with the manga, both in terms of story and quality. If you want to know what Negima is all about, the best way is to check out the source material, now that’s it’s all ready and just waiting to be read. If you need some incentive, here’s a small preview of what Negima has on offer:

  1. Do no evil.
    Cliche: No taking the wrong path for shounen main characters. It seems that whenever they are put in a situation where their only option is to choose the lesser evil, they will freeze up and do nothing or get a deus ex machina power up to solve the problem instead.
    Negima: A ten year old boy openly declares that he will get his hands dirty to save those he cares for, and has no qualms following through with his words.

  2. Know no evil.
    Cliche: To make characters easy to empathize with and prevent them from making the difficult choices mentioned above, it’s best to avoid having them think too much. The most common way to do that is just to make them stupid…
    Negima: By the time the story ends, the characters will have dabbled in everything from philosophy to politics. They might not be happy to learn that nothing is ever as clear-cut as it seems, but that’s also something they need to accept to make the right choices.

  3. Cause no evil.
    Cliche: Evil people don’t have families that will mourn after them. The main character’s building-smashing technique will never cause serious inconvenience to any innocent passers-by.
    Negima: If saving the world means starting a civil war, then so be it.

  4. Beat up the bad guy to save the world.
    Beating up the bad guys causes candy to fall from the sky and flowers to bloom.
    Negima: Beating people up acts as a nice warm-up excercise. “Saving the world” is done through years of effort of thousands of people and some brilliant minds supporting it all from behind their desks.

  5. Line up according to power level, please.
    Out of common courtesy, bad guys only pop out when the good guys are within a power-up of being powerful enough to beat them.
    Negima: Someone please tell me how Negi survived the first few arcs 0_0…

  6. A threat today, jobbing tommorow.
    Power inflation. Expect most characters to become irrelevant an arc or two after they are introduced.
    Negima: We-can’t-even-scratch-him-let’s-drop-a-satellite-bomb-on-him-instead.

  7. Stay in the kitchen.
    Women can be medics. Or they can make lunch.
    Negima: Don’t give up hope, guys! Your time to shine will come… someday.

  8. Stay at home.
    If you want sceentime, learn how to punch first.
    Negima: Sometimes there’s nothing scarier than a non-combatant with a broken ability and enough guts to abuse it.

  9. Moral high ground.
    See the cowardly bastard laughing evilly with a nasty grin on his face? That’s the enemy.
    Negima: You know there’s something going on when half the good guys willingly defect to the enemy’s side…

  10. ???
    Cliche: Hikikomori NEETs don’t appear.
    Negima: Hikikomori NEETs kick ass.

You’re sure to find more, so why not give it a try?

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