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Hayate no Gotoku author, Hata Kenjirou, has recently asked fans of the manga (via his twitter account) to point out elements of the unresolved foreshadowing so far they would like to see addressed in future chapters. This way, Hata hopes to prepare a list and make sure he doesn’t leave any loose plot threads unresolved (a viable concern with a manga title that has been running for several years now, and is planned to run several more if all goes well).

What followed was a veritable waterfall of tweets. But of course, Hata probably wouldn’t mind more suggestions. If any of you have something you want addressed, I’d be happy to translate the request and send it to Hata. Just keep in mind that the very basic ones – everyone’s past, missing parents and the like have already been covered, so the more specific you are the better.

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Hayate no Gotokou author Hata Kenjiro announced that chapter 351 will be the last one before the serialization takes a break until February 29th.

Well, as for the reason, it’s honestly nothing like me being tired or anything like that. It’s simply that in 2012 there’s some work that I absolutely have to do, even if it means stopping the serialization for a short while. I decided to take a break to make the necessary preparations for that.

Truth be told, I’ve tried rearranging my schedule multiple times to see if I could do it without taking a break. But I’ve realized I cannot avoid scheduling trouble without putting the serialization on hold… I can only apologize.

But eventually (this year, actually), I hope to give everyone a nice surprise. You’ll be thinking ‘Oh, so that’s what the fool took a break for,’ so you can look forward to that.

Hata also hinted he might reveal more information on his Twitter account at a later date.

A feature-length Hayate no Gotoku movie was screened in Japanese theaters last year and a third season of the Hayate no Gotoku anime has already been announced. What new surprise is Hata preparing for his fans?

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