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The International Saimoe League 2012 prelims were all about perseverance, a fitting theme for this marathon-like event showcasing numerous strong-willed characters. Personal preliminary highlights include:

The World God Only Knows / Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu make a statement

Both series had to retreat, unrepresented, in their first attempt at the ISML Tiara, but now return with new vigor and three representatives in the main league each. Expanding the viewer base with a second season is often not an easy task, but here we have proof it is indeed possible. I haven’t seen enough of KamiNomi to comment on the second season, but in the case of BakaTest, switching the focus away from battles and to good old character drama and love comedy certainly did the series a favor. Both series still have ongoing source material, so we might be seeing them around for awhile.

Hecate slips in

With her series coming to a close, Shakugan no Shana managed to slip in one more character than usual into the league. Luck played a role here, but admittedly, this was probably Hecate’s most moe season (I should watch season one of Shana one of these days, watching things out of order is a bad habit to have). Who’s willing to bet Shana keeps up her tradition and gets second place again this year?

Irisviel shows off mother powers

On a playing field fool of high school students, it is still possible for slightly younger characters to get in, but much more difficult for more mature women to make a stand. Thankfully, Irisviel breaks away from the norm (though ‘mature’ might not be the best word to describe her). She is the second ISML mother, and just like Clannad’s Nagisa did before, she gets to participate alongside her daughter.

Kuroi Mato gets her timing right

This little trickster here got qualified into the preliminaries based on an OVA, but then got voted into the league mostly thanks to an on-air anime. Perfect timing pays off.

Some less fortunate contestants deserving a mention:

Fate and Nanoha say goodbye

Saying goodbye to the first ISML Tiara Holder, Fate, as well as to the Nanoha characters in general, at least for this year, certainly represents changing times. It is a well-established saimoe law that previous winners have it tough, but Fate put up a good fight throughout the existence of ISML.

Fire Sisters burn out 

The opposite of Kuroi Mato, the Araragi sisters failed to enter the preliminaries by just a few votes. Had they succeeded at that, their increased screen time in Nisemonogatari would have certainly let them join their Bakemonogatari comrades in the fray… but it was not meant to be.

No world conquest for Ika-Musume

Unlike KamiNomi’s Elsiee, Ika-Musume didn’t gather any momentum during the time she had to think over what went wrong in her first ISML campaign, where she dominated the nominations only to fall in the preliminaries. Ika-Musume might be walking (swimming?) proof that cute doesn’t necessarily mean moe, at least not to the voting majority.

What were some of your highlights? Feel free to share and let’s enjoy an exciting saimoe year.

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I mentioned not long ago that Shana – Final would become painful once the cool characters started dying off. Well…

RIP Decarabia

My favorite character of this season just got one-shotted. To tell the truth, the treatment he got was not that bad for a non-humanoid villain. The one to one-shot him was the good guys’ main commander, possibly even the strongest character on the good guys’ side. She achieved that through a surprise attack and still had to follow up with a comment that that single blow took a significant part of her power reserves. There are much worse ways to die.

As a farewell gift, 10 reasons why Decarabia owns:

  • He’s socially awkward, annoying many people at strategy meetings

  • He doesn’t need a cell phone to call anywhere in the world

  • He decides to risk his neck for the greater good when necessary, even if he could concentrate on saving his skin (No good deed goes unpunished?)

  • Enemies have been sneaking/teleporting directly into his main base for the last three episodes… He takes it in stride

  • He uses full honorific titles when discussing how to handle the above-mentioned crisis with Tempest Hoof

  • He turns the tide of battle by casting support spells on mooks. That’s the path of the white mage Negi Springfield didn’t take.

  • He teleports attacks away instead of blocking them.

  • He uses ‘yue ni’ (therefore/thus) when explaining why he is going to attack with full force

  • He lets out the final attack even as his body is being torn apart.

  • It’s hard to say if the attack even connects with the target… but it blows everything up anyway.

Now, who’s dying next on my favorite character list?

Tier I

  • Decarabia

  • Hecate

  • Snake of the Festival

  • Chibi Lord of Guze with confusion Unrestricted Spell

Tier II

  • Bard Lord of Guze

  • Herald Lord of Guze

  • Rose & Suit Flame Haze

  • Sabrac

Edit: Glad to see I’m not alone in my sentiments.

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