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Hayate no Gotokou author Hata Kenjiro announced that chapter 351 will be the last one before the serialization takes a break until February 29th.

Well, as for the reason, it’s honestly nothing like me being tired or anything like that. It’s simply that in 2012 there’s some work that I absolutely have to do, even if it means stopping the serialization for a short while. I decided to take a break to make the necessary preparations for that.

Truth be told, I’ve tried rearranging my schedule multiple times to see if I could do it without taking a break. But I’ve realized I cannot avoid scheduling trouble without putting the serialization on hold… I can only apologize.

But eventually (this year, actually), I hope to give everyone a nice surprise. You’ll be thinking ‘Oh, so that’s what the fool took a break for,’ so you can look forward to that.

Hata also hinted he might reveal more information on his Twitter account at a later date.

A feature-length Hayate no Gotoku movie was screened in Japanese theaters last year and a third season of the Hayate no Gotoku anime has already been announced. What new surprise is Hata preparing for his fans?

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