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I mentioned not long ago that Shana – Final would become painful once the cool characters started dying off. Well…

RIP Decarabia

My favorite character of this season just got one-shotted. To tell the truth, the treatment he got was not that bad for a non-humanoid villain. The one to one-shot him was the good guys’ main commander, possibly even the strongest character on the good guys’ side. She achieved that through a surprise attack and still had to follow up with a comment that that single blow took a significant part of her power reserves. There are much worse ways to die.

As a farewell gift, 10 reasons why Decarabia owns:

  • He’s socially awkward, annoying many people at strategy meetings

  • He doesn’t need a cell phone to call anywhere in the world

  • He decides to risk his neck for the greater good when necessary, even if he could concentrate on saving his skin (No good deed goes unpunished?)

  • Enemies have been sneaking/teleporting directly into his main base for the last three episodes… He takes it in stride

  • He uses full honorific titles when discussing how to handle the above-mentioned crisis with Tempest Hoof

  • He turns the tide of battle by casting support spells on mooks. That’s the path of the white mage Negi Springfield didn’t take.

  • He teleports attacks away instead of blocking them.

  • He uses ‘yue ni’ (therefore/thus) when explaining why he is going to attack with full force

  • He lets out the final attack even as his body is being torn apart.

  • It’s hard to say if the attack even connects with the target… but it blows everything up anyway.

Now, who’s dying next on my favorite character list?

Tier I

  • Decarabia

  • Hecate

  • Snake of the Festival

  • Chibi Lord of Guze with confusion Unrestricted Spell

Tier II

  • Bard Lord of Guze

  • Herald Lord of Guze

  • Rose & Suit Flame Haze

  • Sabrac

Edit: Glad to see I’m not alone in my sentiments.

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