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I got around to compiling this plot summary from the notes I took after the screening of the K-On! movie. I wasn’t taking notes while watching (too busy enjoying the thing myself), so there are probably some missing tidbits, but everything in a reasonable cause-effect relationship should be here.

  • HTT makes a playback performance of one of Death Devil’s songs

  • The band discusses an image change and discovering new musicality… but nothing comes of it

  • Yui tells the other third-years that Azusa has only seen them screwing around all the time, and they should do something upperclassmen-like for once

  • The girls agree to prepare some kind of present for Azusa, but Azusa interrupts the conversation before they can get to anything specific

  • Yui hears the volleybal club girls in their class mention a graduation trip and tries to convince the others HTT should go on one too, but she gets shot down by Ritsu, who tells her they should be thinking of Azusa’s present first

  • Yui consults Ui about Azusa’s present. Ui tells her that there is nothing in particular that Azusa wants – just spending time with the band seems to be the most precious thing to her. Ui jokes that the third-years could fail their exams and stay with Azusa for another year as a present…

  • Azusa walks in on her sempai as they are discussing the ‘repeat year’ idea. In a panic to cover up the topic of the discussion (without giving Azusa the idea that they failed their exams or something, as she did hear the unfortunate keywords) Yui comes out with a big declaration: the third-years are going on a graduation trip after all!

  • Azusa tries to politely refuse going with them on the trip (since she’s not graduating, and she’d be a bother, and…) but her resistence doesn’t last long…

  • Time to pick the trip destination! The girls each pick a location (Mio: London, Yui: Europe, Mugi: onsen trip, Azusa insists she can go anywhere, Ritsu I forgot, Hawaii?)

  • Yui offers to pick the location at random… and cheats, putting Europe on every piece of paper. She gets busted by Azusa in no time flat and forced to wear a paper-mask kind of thing as a penalty

  • The girls turn to Ton-chan as their randomizer. Ton-chan is not particularly cooperative, taking hours to pick one of the choices… but finally settles on London, to Mio’s badly concealed exaltation

  • Azusa walks out of the clubroom to call her parents and ask if she is even allowed to go abroad… everyone uses this opportunity to call their parents (the whole trip planning started with a lie, after all)

  • Azusa walks back in to see the other members putting away their phones… and realizes that their safety abroad is largely dependent on how well she can keep her ‘reliable’ sempai in check

  • Somewhere around this point, the third-years come up with the idea to make a song for Azusa’s present. But they immediately think it cannot be just any song. It needs to be something on ‘a world scale’, worthy of Azusa.

  • Yui, in a conversation with Nodoka, expresses surprise at the notion that Europe is not a country. She also corrects Nodoka that no, they are not going to England, they are going to London…

  • Yui packs for the trip in a scene which marks the first appearance of the Hirasawa parents in the show… or of the Hirasawa parents’ legs, at least. Ui helps Yui pack, cramming instant noodles into Yui’s travel bag…

  • The girls go to reserve a tour, but have so many places in London they want to go to that the travel company employee recommends they should take a no-guide tour with full freedom of activities. Azusa agrees to plan the whole trip.

  • Without agreeing to do so beforehand, all the girls except Mugi end up bringing their instruments along for the trip, because ‘it wouldn’t feel right otherwise’

  • All kinds of Yui&Azusa cuteness ensues aboard the plane

  • Some small trouble occurs in London when retrieving Mio’s baggage. The problem is resolved soon enough, but not before Mio incurs some trauma against conveyor belts and things that spin in general

  • Photo frenzy!

  • Yui confronts the door of a British car… London: 1 Yui: 0

  • The girls get to their hotel… or rather, a hotel. Turns out they got the address wrong. Resolving the issue seems to be beyond Azusa’s linguistic ability, and things start looking grim when even Mugi admits the hotel staff speaks too fast for her to understand… Mio saves the day, as it turns out she can perfectly understand any and all English, as long as she doesn’t have to directly face the scary foreigners…

  • The girls end up having to walk more than they planned to, and Azusa learns that going on a trip abroad in brand-new shoes is not always the best idea. The rest of HTT get her to admit that her feet are hurting, and the whole group change plans to go shoe shopping first. Azusa gets a free ride on Yui’s travel bag, too.

  • Everyone gets hungry, so they decide to eat… sushi. But things will not be as easy as they think at the sushi restaurant.

  • The owner of the sushi restaurant gets to confirm Yui and Ritsu’s English ability. Or rather the non-existence of such…

  • Turns out they will not get to eat unless they perform for the guests (or that’s what the two aforementioned bakas understand from their ‘conversation’). Mugi steps forward, apparently ready to resolve the misunderstanding… but in fact ends up just requesting help in finding a keyboard (she didn’t bring hers, after all).

  • With two minutes to prepare a performance, Yui saves Azusa in a pinch by helping her kouhai tune her instrument by ear. London: 47 Yui: 1

  • They end up playing Curry Nochi Rice of all things, because Yui spots an Indian among the customers…

  • Turns out they ended up performing because the band of Ritsu’s friend (from the live house episode) is also in London and had arranged for a guest performance at the sushi restaurant

  • HTT finally reaches their hotel, still hungry. Ui’s instant noodles save the day. (Did the girl really predict things this far ahead…?)

  • Angsting about the song for Azusa, more Yui&Azusa bonding, and London sightseeing snapshots ensue

  • Ritsu forces Mio to board a ferris wheel despite Mio’s newly-gained fear of spinning things… but boy, does Mio end up being grateful when they see the entirety of London stretching out before their eyes

  • HTT gets a more formal invitation to perform at a Japanese culture promotion event from the band they met at the sushi restaurant

  • Sawa-chan turns up in London and brags about the ninja outfits she made (with Jun, Nodoka and Ui as models). HTT flatly rejects the idea of performing wearing those, though.

  • The performance is relatively successful, but almost causes the girls to be late for their plane due to Yui stretching things out (there was a cute baby in the audience, or something)

  • On the taxi to the airport, Azusa falls asleep from exhaustion, showing how much it took out of her to plan and oversee the whole trip. The third-years realize that the song they make for Azusa shouldn’t be any different from their ‘normal’ music, because their style was the thing that brought them all together in the first place

  • The girls get back to Japan, and we have a time shift forward to graduation day, when they organize a last class live (with some help from Sawa-chan)

  • We get a glimpse of how hard Ui had to work not to find out about the secret song despite Yui being Yui… Ui is ❤

  • The third-years gather on the school rooftop before their first performance of the still-titleless song for Azusa. The tension levels are incredible, and nobody is sure if they can make the song as perfect as they want it to be… when, at the last moment, Yui has a flash of inspiration, creating the final version of the lyrics we all know. And finally…

  • “Tenshi ni fureta yo!”

So much for a dry plot summary from me. I’ll come back with a review/favorite scenes post later.

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