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The burglar charged with breaking into the Ayakashi Mansion has been safely detained by police. While no information about the case has yet been made official, it is widely suspected that the burglar was a foreigner. Otherwise, he would have known what he was getting into just from seeing the name plates…

Ayakashi Mansion Tenants

Shirakiin Ririchiyo

(a.k.a.) The Stately Butterfly of the White Demon Palace

Stately as in elegant and dignified, but also imposing and cold

Miketsukami Soushi

(a.k.a.) The Twin Embers of the Great Fox Deity

A good name for a child with heterochromia

Roromiya Karuta

(a.k.a.) Karuta of the Temple of Skulls

Does the girl with skulls in her name look like good hostage material?

Yukinokouji Nobara

(a.k.a.) The Wild Rose of the Snowy Alley

A classic touch

Sorinozuka Renshou

(a.k.a) The Continuous Victories of the One-tan Mound

A cloth demon or an "ittan-momen", literally "one tan of cotton"... which is 10,6 meters in length and 30 centimeters in width. Can't blame the burglar for not getting this one, I suppose.

Considering that the name “Ayakashi Mansion” can itself mean anything from “Bewitching Mansion” to “Mansion of Monstrosities”, the burglar was really trying his luck here…

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