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Taking her pet out on a walk

I hope I’m not alone in having absolutely no idea what the strengths and weaknesses of the tanks featured in this show are. Thankfully, there are considerate tank otaku somewhere out there:

Tanks are srs bsns

From left to right:

  1. St. Gloria leader team
  2. St. Gloria remaining teams
  3. History club team(4 people)
  4. Freshmen team (6 people)
  5. Student council team (3 people)
  6. Main char team (5 people)
  7. Former-volleyball team (4 people)

Our girls probably only survived that one shot in their training match thanks to the greater distance compared to their second exchange. But hell, they are going to have to struggle to scratch that moving fortress of St. Gloria…

The official site for the show also has specs for every tank for those curious.

The show’s TV Tropes site presents a few examples of the producers doing their tank research for this series (but then again, it has a military history advisor on its payroll, so it’s no surprise).

Which is not to say this show is for military buffs only. Take a recent tweet by series director Mizushima Tsutomu:

We chose the Ooarai school tank types based just on the aura they gave off, so the later fights won’t exactly be easy. I could do with more firepower.

Don’t give up, director.

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